We Support

Human Resources Professionals and corporate leadership: we provide full-service solutions for HR professionals and business leadership, including not only strategizing, preparing, and filing your cases for all major nonimmigrant categories, but also strategizing, preparing, and filing your green card cases; assisting your employees with family-based green card cases; policy planning; compliance support; and scaling our services for your growing workforce. We possess a wealth of experience and we are highly attuned to not only your needs but also the wants and needs of your employees.

Entrepreneurs and early- and mid-stage startups: the US government is somewhat behind the times when it comes to offering end-to-end immigration solutions for early-stage startups and entrepreneurs expanding to the US. In order to best position your endeavors for success, you require an immigration attorney who will maintain a creative approach to fill in the gaps the US government hasn't accounted for. That's why we are here for you. When you work with us, the E-1/E-2, and L-1 visa categories are only part of the conversation.

Individuals with extraordinary ability: are you an expert in the tech field? A world-class designer? An influential artist, a a groundbreaking researcher, a visionary filmmaker, an innovative business leader? We file cases for individuals from these fields and many others who are recognized as extraordinary. This includes O-1 visa petition preparation and filing, but also green card cases: not only extraordinary ability cases, but also outstanding researchers, and national interest waivers.

Treaty-based immigration services: Are you a professional from Australia, Canada, Chile, Mexico, or Singapore? Are you from an E-1 or E-2 treaty country? There are treaties in place that can ease your entry to the US and improve your chances of an approved nonimmigrant visa case to allow you to work for a US employer or in some cases run your own business in the US.

Long-term planning: whether you seek long-term green card strategies or a shorter-term solution with an eye on the long view, we will assist with best positioning your case for all eventualities, including strategic advice for proactively dealing with potential pitfalls. We monitor the latest developments in the rapidly-evolving world of immigration law in order to maintain maximum flexibility even when life delivers the unexpected.

Though we are based in New York City, we work with clients throughout the US as well as clients who are based outside the US.